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Directed by
Nathan Thomas Milliner

Screenplay by
Nathan Thomas Milliner
with additional material
by Herschel Zahnd III

Based on the original
comic book "A Wish
for the Dead" by Nathan
Thomas Milliner

Chris Petty
as John

Julie Streble
as Jessica

Chuck Lee Miller
as The Killer

Lori Cooke
as Chloe

Eva Flowers
as Nancy

Kathryn Furrow
as Chloe's mom

Tom Dunbar
as Dr. Foree

Brad Lambert
as The Mortician

Denny Grinar
as The Paramedic

Kristine Renee Farley
as Beth

Ben Wood
as Burnt zombie

Adam Pepper
as James Tucker

Lissa Decker
as Angela

Robert Hatfield
as The Man

Production Companies
Renegade Art Productions & Rebel
Rouser Comics, LLC

Produced by
Herschel Zahnd III
Kathryn Furrow
Tom Dunbar

Cinematography by
Herschel Zahnd III

Additional camera
Denny Grinar

Film Editing by
Herschel Zahnd III

Acting Consultant
Katherine Furrow

Make-up and Effects
Eric R. Johnson
Shawn Dolphin
Dusty June
Autumn Barefoot
Mark Sherrard

Lighting by
Jonathan Vanderford


Julia Dillman
Jessica Hampton
Kim Thomas
Vanessa Fergueson
Barrett Cooper
Lily Milliner
Brenda Milliner
Joe Hieatt

more to be added as
filming continues...

People die every day and every day, those deaths have everlasting effects on those around them who loved them, cared for them and will dearly miss them.  Dealing with and facing with death is part of the human experience and the horror genre was created out of the fears, anxieties and pains of death.  "A WISH FOR THE DEAD" is a film that deals with love loss and death--with multiple stories and people whose lives intertwine in the tradition of "Pulp Fiction" and "Trick r Treat".  You will meet a young woman raising her daughter alone after her husband is killed in Iraq.  A man who's wife is on her death bed, stricken down by a rare cancer.  A man facing the electric chair for a crime he didn't commit.  And a young girl who's suffering has driven her to want to end it all.  One of these people will make a deal with the Devil to escape their pain and unleash hell on earth.  Prepare yourselves for the ultimate living nightmare!

From the production companies who brought you "GIRL NUMBER THREE", Renegade Art Productions and Rebel Rouser Comics.   Written and directed by the author of The Malevolent, Girl Number Three, Final Days and the comic version of "A Wish From the Dead", Nathan Thomas Milliner!  

A WISH FOR THE DEAD was written to be part of a horror anthology comic produced by Feral Comix back in 2004.  The book was to pay homage to zombie film godfather and independent film legend George A. Romero.  I love the genre but I was really leary of writing anything zombie based because the zombie genre was flooded at that time and what's funny about that is 2004 was only the "beginning" of the zombie craze.  I would imagine there have been at least 200 zombie films/tv shows and comics featuring zombies since I wrote "A Wish for the Dead".  My problem was, I didn't want to just write a basic zombie story that we've seen a million times over.  So my first step was figuring out how to bring the dead back in a way we hadn't really seen before, at least not in this type of horror story.  With a little inspiration from W.W. Jacob's "The Monkey's Paw", I sat down and wrote an 8-page short about the living dead and I knew right away it was a winner.

The Romero tribute comic never happened, and I had written the thing and had drawn about 4 pages of it when the breaks were hit.  The comic sat on my drawing board for 3 years until I published Girl Number Three, my other horror comic which was turned into a film in 2009.  Since GN3 was short, I figured it needed a sister so I finished the pages for "Wish" and published it with GN3 in October 2007.  The very next day, Herschel Zahnd III (looking to direct his first film, contacted me about making GN3 a film and he and his wife and fellow producer Mary Ellen Riehl also showed interest in producing "Wish" one day as well.   A Wish for the Dead had many champions who wanted to see it become a film...make-up artists and actor on GN3, Shawn Dolphin being one of the leading fans.  Even legendary horror novelist Jack Ketchum (The Girl Next Door/The Lost/Open Season) expressed his being a fan and liking to see it become a film.  Once "Girl Number Three" became a hit when it debuted at HorrorHound Weekend 2009 in Cincinnati, OH--the idea of following it up with something great started turning. 

Herschel Zahnd was set to direct a short film follow up titled "The Trimmer" but after attending Fright Night Film Fest in 2010, the two of us walked out of a screening room after seeing a lackluster short film which inspired me to say, "I want to direct a film!  Let's make Wish for the Dead!"  Herschel shook my hand and said, "Let's do it."  6 months later we were filming. 

Following Girl Number Three was going to be hard and I knew we had to have something just as strong and A Wish for the Dead was the best horror piece I had lying around.  I never wanted to make it a film truly, I figured the world needed something else other than another freaking zombie film.  But Wish for the Dead isn't really a straight up zombie's much more than that.   This film is very unconventional, which is the only reason I'm doing it.  I'm always looking to give audiences something different and new.  Why waste your time carbon copying everything else?  While I know zombie fans will frown at some of the "original" ideas in the film, I feel pretty confident that Wish will have it's audience who will love it for what it is.  It's a very emotional piece, as GN3 was.  I believe in giving an audience an experience, both mentally and emotionally.  I think A Wish for the Dead is going to have an effect on many people and I am very excited to get this thing made and share it with the world.
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Poster #1Chuck Lee Miller as The KillerChuck Lee Miller as The KillerChuck Lee Miller as The Killer on the roadChuck Lee Miller in front of Jessica's houseEva Flowers as NancyEva Flowers (Nancy) and Julie Streble (Jessica) on the kitchen setA zombie in the woodsJulie Streble as JessicaJulie Streble as JessicaBen Wood (Burnt zombie) and Lori Cooke (right) as Chloe on morgue setJulie Streble as Jessicazombie in the woods 2Julie Streble as JessicaJulie Streble as Jessica