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In 2006, Nate purchased a new horror magazine called Horrorhound Magazine which he quickly
became a big fan of.  It was the magazine's second issue and he contacted the editor about
possibly joining the staff as an artist.  Nate's lifelong obsession with all things horror found him
reading Fangoria Magazine as a boy and dreaming of one day drawing monsters and madmen
for a similar magazine.  Unfortunately, Horrorhound was so new that they couldn't afford staff but they did tell Nate about an art contest for issue #3.  Nate jumped at the opportunity and ended up winning the contest, having his artwork (a tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2) printed in the magazine and recieving a bundle of TCM related gifts.  Nate Hounded the editors for years, submitting fan art and trying to get a gig with them.  A few of his peices made it into the magazine via fan art features but it wasn't until 2008 when the editors finally gave him an assignment for issue #13 (A Creepshow inspired ad for the backorders page).  The peice was a hit with the staff and Nate was soon added as a staff artist to the magazine.  In 2009, Nate got his chance at his first magazine cover and it was a homerun (one of the magazine's biggest hits with the fans) with a Phantasm based cover for issue #17.  It wasn't long before Nate got another cover in issue #20 which was later nominated for a Rondo Award.  Nate was a second runner up in the "Best Cover" catergory.  Learn more about Horrorhound at

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