"Nathan Thomas Milliner is a master storyteller."--Comicthoughts.com
Nathan Thomas Milliner was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  After seeing the 1989 film "Batman", Nate decided he wanted to make comic books and after 14 years of studying the medium he finally made his dream come true when his crime saga "The Malevolent" made it's debut in the pages of "Feral Comix Presents #1" in 2003.  In 2006, Nate began publishing his own set of graphic novels for "The Malevolent" series to rave reviews.  In 2007, Nate published his first horror comic, "Girl Number Three" which was soon being adapted to film and released in 2009.  During all of this, Nate was also able to fullfill yet another lifelong dream of working in the horror genre when he became a staff artist and writer for Horrorhound Magazine, producing two covers for the publication in 2009, one of which earned him a Rondo Award nomination in which he took second runner up honors.  

In 2012 Nathan was tapped by Shout! Factory to be the premiere artist on their new sister label "SCREAM! FACTORY" and commissioned him to provide original artwork for the dvd/blu ray special editions of Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Funhouse, Terror Train, Deadly Blessing, The Burning The Howling, Night of the Comet, Day of the Dead, Matinee, Shocker, Night of the Creeps, Dolls, Village of the Damned, Garbage Pail Kids, Dog Soldiers, Sleepaway Camp 1-3 and Motel Hell.  Nathan went on to work for multiple distributors across the world providing artwork for over 60 films including The Crow, Halloween 1-8, The Executioner, Gates of Hell, Torso, 10/31, Close Calls.  

Other notable artwork includes dozens of tee shirt designs for Fright Rags.  Several package artworks for NECA's vintage action figure series which include 4 Freddy Krueger figures, Leatherface and Captain Spaulding.  The cover art for the Never Sleep Again The Making of A Nightmare on Elm Street coffee table book.  The Making of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4 book by Mick Strawn.  He did cover artwork for Playboy Magazine's article about the history of the Halloween film franchise before the release of 2018's Halloween.  He adapted the screenplay for Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon to a 6 issue comic book series in 2017 and 2018.   His artwork was used to celebrate the films of Quentin Tarantino at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC before the release of Django Unchained. 

Nathan has been involved in many films since 2008.  In 2009 he served as writer and producer on  the slasher film"GIRL NUMBER THREE" which was based on his comic book.  In 2011 he was writer and director of another of his comic book adaptations, "A WISH FOR THE DEAD."  Nathan was co-writer and director of "THE ENCYCLOPEDIA SATANICA"--a segment in the horror anthology "VOLUMES OF BLOOD in 2014."  Nathan was producer, writer and director of the 2015 fan film "THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER" currently on youtube with over 560,000 views.   Nathan then wrote, directed and starred in the film "VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES" in 2016 writing and directing the Christmas segment "FEAR, FOR SINNERS HERE" and slasher segment "MURDER DEATH KILLER."  In 2017 Nathan was writer, director, editor and a producer of the 2019 fan film "STAR WARS: HAND OF THE EMPIRE" which was made to raise $3,600 for Norton Children's Hospital in the memory of Phil Parks.  He is currently in pre-production on his second feature film "ON A DARK AND BLOODY GROUND" which he is writer, director and producer.  

Nate lives in Kentucky with his wife Brenda and their daughter Lily.

"STAR WARS: HAND OF THE EMPIRE" the non-profit fan film that raised $3,600 for Norton Children's Hospital is now available on YouTube.  Watch below.  The feature length film was made by a hundred artists wanting to make a difference. Nathan served as Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Poster Artist, Art Director and more.  Check it out below. 
MARCH 2019