"Girl Number Three is a smart revenge flick with a refreshing
slasher twist!"--Horrorhound Magazine
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"THE NECROVILLE PICTURE SHOW" (2008)--Directed by Herschel Zahnd III.  Starring Todd Zeigler, Amy Rice,
Jon B, Shawn Dolphin, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Eric Johnson, Daniel Griffith and Chuck Lee Miller.  The Necroville
Picture Show is a throwback to the great horror host shows made famous by people like Vampira, Zacherly and
Elvira.  A half-hour sketch show that also played short indie horror based films between sketches.  The show was
hosted by Mistress Devine and her loyal partner, manchild Cupcake.  The rest of the show consisted of a halarious
gang of odd ball characters including The Hoax, the mad make-up scientist Dr. Dolphiend, moronic dead stunt-man
Doomsday Dave, professional wrestler Maynard the American Werewolf and the amazing Ghost Security.  Nate wasn't
originally supposed to be involved with the series but after his impromptu performance as The Frankenstein's Monster
in episodes 2 & 3 for a sketch called "The Monster Olympics"--(Look for it on youtube!), Nate got the acting bug and
inspired by an inside joke amongst the producers of the show, created a dynamic duo called The Ghost Security who
were paranormal policemen who kept ghosts (or as they call them, "Caspers", in line).  Nate portrayed
Bobby Gunnarson and Shawn Dolphin stepped into the shoes and fake mustache of Ricky Nistrom, his partner.  The
Ghost Security would appear in 8 episodes and go on to become one of the show's more popular sketches.  Their
catchphrase "Sick like mono" became a staple for the show.

"GIRL NUMBER THREE" (2009)--Directed by Herschel Zahnd III, Written by Nathan Thomas Milliner, Starring Julie
Streble, Kaitlyn Saunders, Jason Crowe, Shawn Dolphin, Todd Zeigler, Denny Grinar, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Chuck
Lee Miller, Eric Johnson, Jess White, Melissa Hoff and Adam Pepper.  Based on Nate's comic of the same name, Girl
Number Three tells the story of Max Carpenter, a young college coed who is abducted on Halloween by a gang of masked
men and taken to an abandoned textile factory along with 8 other women and subjected to a night of pure survival Hell
when she has to fight tooth and nail to survive.  Inspired by the survival girl's revenge exploitation films of the 1970s
and the slasher films of the 1980s, Girl Number Three quickly became a sleeper hit when it premiered at Horrorhound
Weekend 2009 in Cincinnati, OH.  Apart from providing the story, Nate also provided the screenplay for the film, acted
as one of the producers, performed in the film as multiple characters (a creepy stalker in the film's opening sequence and
as Mr. Loomis, a store manager at a costume shop--Nate even squeezed in directing duties on second unit.  The film is
now on dvd and available at www.girlnumberthree.com.
See the GIRL NUMBER THREE trailer at www.girlnumberthree.com